SAP Lumira


This one-day course is designed to introduce the delegate to the principles of SAP Lumira to empower you to access the data you need and discover insights that can be shared with others.


Individuals who want to understand the core principles of SAP Lumira. The course is split into four sections: Prepare - Visualise - Compose - Share.


Data Discovery description and concepts; What is SAP Lumira? Where does SAP Lumira fit in terms of Business Intelligence? The benefits of using SAP Lumira; SAP Lumira preferences.

What needs to be done to your data before it can be used with SAP Lumira?; Connecting to data by adding a dataset; Acquiring MS Excel data; Other data connections; Prepare and cleanse your data; Refresh data; Editing and formatting measures; Editing and formatting dimensions; Enrich data with hierarchies; Create calculations; Merge datasets; Append datasets; Saving a document.

Creating visualisations; Creating charts; Filtering charts; Editing and formatting charts; Working with different types of charts; Using the Trellis feature with charts.

Creating a new story; Creating boards; Editing and formatting boards; Filtering boards; Viewing boards; Saving stories.

Publish stories and visualisations to the SAP Lumira Cloud; Exporting, distributing and printing visualisations.

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