Steve Chapman


Steve began his career in IT in 1987 working for Seiko in Maidenhead where he worked for nine years until moving onto Data Entry Systems where he had his initiation into the world of Crystal Reports. After working for ten years with Chase as a Crystal expert where he ran courses, wrote magazines and chaired the Crystal Report Writing User Group, Steve decided to join DSCallards as a BI Consultant.

In 1987 Steve joined Seiko in Maidenhead as a Computer Operator where he stayed until 1995. During this time, Steve had three roles within the organisation - one being report writer on a system called LIGA, a promotion to Computer Operations Supervisor and finally Information Analyst where Steve used dBase III to extract information from the Nixdorf 8890 mainframe system.

In September 1995, Steve took his first customer facing position for a company called Data Entry Systems in Reading where he undertook training and support for an in-house system called ‘OrderActive’, which had been developed especially for mail order companies. Part of the offering was to bundle Crystal Reports within the software and this led to Steve taking on the role of in-house Crystal Reports Writer.

In February 1998 Steve joined Chase International, a Crystal Reports UK partner. Steve’s first role was to create ‘The Crystal Reports and Info Exchange’. This was a user group aimed initially at all report writers. Steve managed and controlled the membership, wrote a monthly magazine called ‘The Crystal Exchange’ - full of helpful tips and techniques – and held seminars once a year for the members, focusing on technical demonstrations of new Crystal features.

Steve then became a dedicated Crystal Reports trainer and carried out training courses from the basic Crystal Reports package to the full Enterprise system.

Steve joined DSCallards in 2008 as a Business Intelligence Consultant, where he has hit the ground running and made a tremendous contribution to the BI Services Team.

On the personal front, Steve has a wonderful family and leads a full life in Devon! He does, however, have an unhealthy obsession with guitars. Steve plays in bands and theatre and has collected and exchanged many different instruments since 1981.


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