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SAP BI4 Universe Design Introduction


This one-day virtual course is designed to introduce the delegate to the principles of the Universe. The course is delivered as part of a supported consulting engagement and uses sample data and exercises to follow a set learning plan.


Individuals who want to understand the core principles of the Universe and will cover areas such as Why Use a Universe, Universe Components and Building A Simple Universe.


 Why Use a Universe:
Present Data as Information, Avoid Needing to Link Tables in Report, Intelligent SQL, Accurate Results, Integrate Data from Multiple Sources, Who Creates Universes?, How Many Universes?

 Universe Components:
Data Source, Data Connection, Data Foundation, Business Layer, Query Tool, Storing Universes.

 Building a Simple Universe:
Project and Repository, Relational Connection, Data Foundation, Business Layer (Create Folders, Create Simple Dimension Objects, Queries, SQL Crash Course, Measures), Check Integrity, Publish.

 Add Intelligence:
Filters, Calculated Objects, Generating Correct SQL, Navigation Paths.

 Validating a Universe:
Check integrity.

 Using a Universe:
Using a Query Tool.

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