SAP Crystal Reports Advanced


This two-day course is designed to build upon the topics learnt in the Introduction Course to increase report design skills and discover the reporting power of SAP Crystal Reports. Along with hands-on practice, the course covers the Crystal repository, grouping options, formulas such as variables and functions and parameters.


Individuals who want to create and publish meaningful high level reports from their business' information. On completion of this course delegates will be at a stage where they can create complex reports with "drill down" capabilities and high level visualisations.


Delegates must have taken the 'Introduction Course' and/or understand basic report design concepts such as linking, record selection, sorting, grouping, summarising, basic formulas, conditional reporting and section formatting. Relational database knowledge is recommended.


 Report Creation Review:
A review of what was learnt in SAP Crystal Reports Introduction.

 Grouping Options:
Applying specified order grouping; Using the Group Sort Expert; Creating a group selection based on summary information.

 Running Totals:
Creating simple Running Totals; Creating conditional running Totals.

Understanding formula language and syntax; Understanding multi-pass reporting; Using functions and operators: Using variables; Using control structure; Understanding arrays; SQL Expressions.

 Summarising Data with Cross Tabs:
Build and format a basic cross tab.

Creating sections; Formatting sections; Using multiple sections; Form Letters.

Defining parameter fields; Creating parameter fields; Referencing a parameter; Setting and using default values; Using advanced parameter features; Dynamic and Static parameters; Cascading parameters.

Defining sub-reports; Creating an unlinked sub-reports; Creating a linked sub-report; Creating an on-demand sub-report; Using shared variales.

 Working with Databases:
Accessing multiple data sources; Adjusting to database changes; Report optimisation; Grouping on Server.

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