SAP Crystal Reports Introduction


This two-day course is designed for the person who needs to quickly become proficient in creating and modifying reports.


Individuals who want to learn the basics of report design using SAP Crystal Reports. On completion of this course delegates will be able to connect to their own data sources and design basic workable reports with 'drill down' visualisations.


Delegates must have a proficient knowledge of Microsoft Windows and basic database structure.


 Report Design:
Creating a new reports; Exploring the report design environment; Placing objects on your report; Previewing and saving your report; Positioning and sizing objects; Formatting objects; Using Text Objects; Setting system defaults.

 Record Selection:
Using the Select Expert; Defining the Select Expert's features; Using the Select Record options; Understanding save versus refreshed data; Setting additional selection criteria.

 Sorting Grouping and Summarising:
Sorting records; Grouping records; Re-ordering groups, Creating Sub-totals; Creating grand totals; Re-ordering using Top N.

 Date Field:
Formatting and selecting using dates and times.

Defining linking concepts; Adding and removing tables from a report; Using Smart Linking; working with links.

 Advanced Grouping:
Creating nested or multiple groups; Re-ordering groups; Groups on date fields.

 Presentation Quality Reports:
Adding lines, boxes and images; Using Special Fields; Utilising the power of Text Objects.

 Formula Basics:
Using Formulas; Working with the Formula Editor; Using basic calculations; Using string manipulation; Applying basic date calculations; Applying Boolean formulas; Using Crystal functions; Applying If-Then-Else formulas.

 Section Formatting:
Using basic section formatting options.

 Conditional Reporting:
Using Highlighting Expert; Using conditional formatting formulas; Applying conditional formatting to sections.

Creating a chart using the Chart Expert; Drilling down on a chart; Charting on summary data; Customising a chart.

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